Environmental Sampling

Environmental due diligence is a specialty area for the KCTE Environmental Team, our trained professionals have many years of experience in assessing the broad range of environmental liabilities and compliance concerns prior to property transfers, acquisitions, and mergers. KCTE consultants have built a strong reputation for their ability to carefully evaluate environmental issues in the context of financial risk, and our client’s overall objective to make a sound business decision.

Environmental Engineering Services

KCTEs Environmental Team offers turnkey services related to developing cost-effective strategies for performing Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Industrial Hygiene (IH) services (including asbestos, mold and lead-based paint), environmental permitting, property condition assessments and inspections, cleaning up sites contaminated with a wide range of pollutants. This includes scientific and engineering services related to surface and subsurface soil and water and air quality characterizations, remedial action feasibility studies, remediation design, construction, and system operation and maintenance. In addition, our long and successful track record of effective regulatory interaction provides the ability to rapidly identify potential site-specific concerns and negotiate on behalf of our clients to quickly resolve issues.

Property Assessment and Corrective Action

Property Management and Building Science

Brownfield Redevelopments